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買四件 UNDERSTAND 即贈送一件 C-IN2 後空內褲(隨機出貨),



日本尺寸 S = 美國尺寸 XS
日本尺寸 M = 美國尺寸 S
日本尺寸 L = 美國尺寸 M
日本尺寸 XL = 美國尺寸 L
日本尺寸 XXL = 美國尺寸 XL

The style of the above photo is for reference only.
Total 7 different series and 15 colors, the actual contents shall prevail.

Buy 4 UNDERSTAND underwear Get 1 C-IN2 jockstrap FREE (Random shipment),
Each person is limited to one gift, the size/quantity is limited while stocks last.

Please select the size you need, add it to your shopping cart, and enter the discount code "HNY2024" at checkout. The price of the gift will be automatically deducted from the checkout amount.
*If the size cannot be selected, it has been given away.

Please note: US sizes are one size larger than Japanese sizes

Japan Size S = US Size XS
Japan Size M = US Size S
Japan Size L = US Size M
Japan Size XL = US Size L
Japan Size XXL = US Size XL

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