Something about STRIDER for sporty boys.

Something about STRIDER for sporty boys.

Men like sports all know that it's really disturbing if the underwear always rides up. 

It is ok to adjust the underwear if it rides up our thighs sometimes. But if it one minute rides up around our bulge, the next minute rides up the back and be stuck in our butt crack,  that really distracts our mind from doing sports. 

Especially while playing sports such as basketball, badminton, soccer/football, or cycling that needs to keep moving legs in speed, we can't never stop to adjust the underwear!


In order to solve this annoying problem, Jockstrap is invented and popular for sports.
There is no need to worry about the underwear rides up anymore, but the back design of two elastic straps without coverage back also brings the problems of excessive friction of skin and sweat absorption.
Besides, it is quite embarrassed that showing our butt in the locker room after taking off our pants...


Therefore, STRIDER was born.


STRIDE means walk with long and decisive steps, it's a perfect word to name this design.

The V Convex Capsule design creates more space at the front to avoid oppression and friction during exercise, also increases heat dissipation to being more breathable. 

The fitted cut of the back provides a natural upward support for the hips and protect it from friction.

Higher-cut leg openings remove two sides of fabric, to give 100% freedom and fit in any body movement comfortably with no oppression. Almost feel as if you are wearing no underwear at all.


A clean-cut and innovative design for the function and comfort of sports from UNDERSTAND.

Try it. You'll UNDERSTAND it!

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