Hunting for EMONBOY!

EasyMonkey always prefer ordinary people to be our model.
It can be very casual and relax shooting for a ordinary people, just like take pictures when you having a meal in a restaurant, working out in a gym, hanging out anywhere with friends.
Shooting with chatting, laughing and music, and we can always create the nice photos unexpected.

Many people think being a men's underwear model must to be muscular with a super handsome face, but that is actually not true.
There are many different types of brand images and target customers for different brands.
The image of EasyMonkey is comfortable, healthy, simple, and natural.
If you are interested in photo shooting, working out sometimes, easygoing and not too shy. 
No matter you got experience or not, welcome to fill in the form below with your photos.
We will contact you shortly to discuss the details of shooting and payment if you are matched.

Instead of looking for a super star,
We prefer to have a nice shooting, a record of this moment, an experience in real life, 

*Please understand we only respond when get matched. Thank you!