What I wear is not just an underwear , but my philosophy of life.

What I wear is not just an underwear , but my philosophy of life.

UNDERSTAND new series【Stamped】– An elegant style that combines the soul of fashion and the spirit of calm.

Named the colors with the vitality of nature in summer :

Nasturtium yellow

The yellow nasturtium appears soft and warm in the sun. But when chewed, it gives off a little bit of pungency. Which symbolizes the human character that being meek and humble, but will fight back in time if necessary.

Misty lilac purple

Lilac is also named as the flower of heaven gloriously from its strong fragrance, gentle and elegant lavender exudes a mysterious hazy beauty under the sky.

Nemophila blue

The pale blue nemophila flowers appear brighter and softer under the sunlight in spring, giving people a relaxed and happy sense of excitement.

Mint green

The mint leaves in midsummer exude a faint fragrance, always giving people a clean, refreshing, and energetic feeling.

Honeysuckle pink

Honeysuckles aren't easily wither in the cold, the corolla is pink with slightly yellow inside. Its color and characteristics are just like the persistence and warmth of gentlemen.


Make our own space more natural and softer, feel gentle and refreshing in tactile and visual synchronously.
Relaxing in a low chroma tone after the highly saturated sensory stimulation and stress throughout the day.
Live life at our own pace and be faithful to ourselves aesthetics. 



Our growing environment and social atmosphere have repeatedly educated/regulated us that "men should be like men".
But what a man should look like? Why men should always be masculine and tough? Mildness and warmth are also the temperaments that we are born with, aren't it? 

Everything is not only black and white, and there is no certain right or wrong.
I am who I am, and I don't need any secular dichotomy to define me. The unique me of the world. 

Nothing is more important than understanding yourself.

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