There's a little boy in every man's heart.

There's a little boy in every man's heart.

When we were young, we were anxious to grow up. Only when we grow up that can do a lot of things we want to do and we can realize our dreams.

So we follow the social norms and frameworks all the time,
learn to be mature and stable, learn to calculate profit, learn to have a sense of responsibility and be like a man.

But sometimes a memory burst upon our mind that our unrestrained childhood and that innocent and naive self who yearns for freedom.


The animals in the parade symbolize a little bit of childishness in our hearts, shout to the wild relics we hide deep within, the desire for freedom and adventure.
The grassland, the jungle, the boundless ocean, and the vast sky.

The underwear body, waistband, and rear label are matched with four different greens to show the scene of the green plants in the jungle and the changes of light and shadow. The belt is wrapped around the tigers, which symbolizes our positive character full of confidence and courage to take risks.

The underwear color is black blue, the belt is surrounded by light blue leopards, and the back is inlaid with a red jungle label. Just like the moonlight shining on the leopard waiting for an opportunity in the dark jungle, an exciting expedition is about to begin.

Yes it is!
Our faces and bodies can grow old, but the boy's heart will never grow up.

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