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《important Notice》 Color deviation / 40%OFF sale

Thank you for your long-term support.
U-PRO White (POLARBEAR SPORTS SHOP) has always been UNDERSTAND's most popular product. Many people have purchased it four or five times and are still asking if it will be restocked again.
But... We are very sorry, the color deviation of this batch of restocked fabrics is obvious visually. In the original design, the fabric should be "warm white (white with a slight yellowish color)", but this time the fabric, as shown in the picture above, appears “creamy white" which is much more yellow than warm white.
According to the response from the fabric manufacturer, modal is a natural material of beech wood. The color adhesion in each batch of fabrics is closely related to the growth environment of the beech wood, the climate and humidity when dyeing cloth, and the quantity of fabrics. The color will be slightly different each time.

However, quality control is a difficulty that brands themselves should overcome. We know that the color deviation this batch is too obvious, and we must inform everyone in advance. This batch of goods is sold at a 40% discount from the original price. Buyers who can accept it, please feel free to buy and wear it confidently. The yellowing of the fabric is from the bad-controlled dying, definitely not caused by being stored for too long.
Please, buyers who mind the color deviation should consider carefully and do not buy.

After, we plan to change the original design "warm white" to "pure white" and adjust our quality inspection process to continue to provide good quality products to everyone. We apologize to everyone again for any inconvenience caused.

An uniform project which with industrial style color and design to show men's pride of 
staunch and indomitable spirit in work.

Designed in stable and free masculine colors, with industrial style side label and rear hook. Symbolizing that no matter where or which position we are, we always maintain a highly responsible attitude and professionalism, being enthusiastic and perform perfectly. This is not only a respect for work, but also one's responsibility.

A classic that you can't put it down. Blending sexiness and elegance, expressing the balance between Motion and static.

Understand is designed for Asian men's body style, trim fit and clean cut.

The U Convex Capsule design creates more space at the front to avoid oppression and friction during exercise, also increases heat dissipation to being more breathable. 

The fitted cut of the back provides a natural upward support for the hips.

Made by modal fabric which made from fibers of a beech tree is becoming increasingly popular because of its smooth and soft touch, high hygroscopicity, quick-drying, breathable and anti-wrinkle. 

《PolarBear Sports Shop》
The underwear color is warm white with pearl luster, and playful pink stripes on the waistband dotted with sneakers running in the blue sky. It shows that we are always in a cheerful and positive mood, providing warm and lively service.


・Fabric:95%Modal / 5%Spandex
・Design from Japan / Made in Thailand
・Highly hygroscopic / quick-drying / anti-wrinkle
・breathable / Comfortable / smooth and soft touch
・U Convex Capsule design:fit / breathable / no oppression
・Single layer of fabric and no opening at the front

XS 64~74cm 29.5cm
S 72~82cm 32cm
M 80~90cm 34.5cm
L 88~98cm 37cm
XL 96~106cm 39.5cm

*Our design is fitted-cut, please choose the size bigger than usually you buy from other brand if you want to wear roomier. 
*There might be some inevitable slight errors in the production process by different characteristics and properties of fabrics, please understand it.
*As different computers display different colors, please understand the actual color may vary slightly from your monitor.


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