To love your work is to love yourself!

To love your work is to love yourself!

UNDERSTAND new series "U-PRO" arrived!
An abbreviation of "uniform project" which with industrial style color and design to show men's pride of staunch and indomitable spirit in work. And it also means "You are professional".

Designed in stable and free masculine colors, with industrial style side label and rear hook. Symbolizing that no matter where or which position we are, we always maintain a highly responsible attitude and professionalism, being enthusiastic and perform perfectly.
This is not only a respect for work, but also one's responsibility.

Khaki green which is one of men's favorite colors. The waistband is lively orange color with understand and hex nut logo. Naturally expressing men's mature charm and the innocence in heart.

Symbolized high-tech industry with indicator red color. The waistband is black color with understand and abstract circuit logo. Expressing men's meticulous attention to detail and the confidence to accept challenges.

Iron blue color which makes people feel trusted. The waistband is bright yellow color with understand and speed of attention logo. Expressing the spirit of men that always focus on work to successfully complete the mission.


Almost half of our lives are working.
If we can't enjoy the work, how can our lives be worthy?


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