Newly revised OK-PATCH 2.0 rib fabric selfless sharing!

Newly revised OK-PATCH 2.0 rib fabric selfless sharing!

Since the launch of UNDERSTAND OK-PATCH 2.0, we received inquiries from time to time;

"What's the difference after the revision?" "Why do you want to revise it?""What is ribbed fabric?" "Why is your ribbed fabric so soft and fits better than others?"

In order to thank everyone for your enthusiasm, we decided to share our design process here~ If you are the same trade or business, please move your mouse to the X on the webpage and press it hard. We will be very grateful. XD

First of all, let’s understand what rib fabric is.

The articles sharing on internet is too difficult and there are too many technical terms. I believe even you read it but understand nothing.

To put it simply, ribbing is a knitting method that changes the yarn arrangement of general weaving fabrics, presents a concave-convex pattern on the cloth surface, provides more space for the fabric to quickly absorb water and evaporate excess moisture. To keep the skin in a comfortable state for long time.

And this horizontal concave-convex effect also makes the rib fabric more horizontal (left and right) stretchability than ordinary knitted fabrics, but it also has less vertical (up and down) elasticity. So we must to modify the tailoring of the fabric to fit a variety of different body shapes. We spent over three months modifying the cut five times. Each time we tested the contraction direction and elastic range of the fabric under different actions: standing, sitting, squatting, walking, running, and jumping. A fine adjustment of 0.5 cm or 1 cm is required, and the factory is also required to modify the sewing direction and stitching of the fabric. We felt so embarrassed to face the manufacturer.^^"

This is why our ribbed fabric can fit so well.

As for why it is softer than other rib, because we use Lycra cotton. Adding elastic fiber to make the lack of elastic cotton more tension, soft and smooth.

Most of rib fabrics on market are made of pure cotton, so it can’t completely fit your body, and the hand feel will be a little rough and stiff (especially after washing). If you don’t believe it, you can go to the clothes store to find out and touche.

The design concept of ​​OK-PATCH series is derived from "sports". The old version of Lycra cotton plain weave is changed to Lycra cotton ribbed fabric, which not only increases its breathability and shrinkage, but also quickly recovers under the big stretch of sports to keep its original shape without wrinkles and creases. Visually, the rib fabric is also closer to the nostalgic and retro sports style, continuing the original design intention of this series.

This is why we want to revise it and what difference between before and after.

Finally, thank you for taking the time to read such a long article. We want to give you a Japanese bow and a compliment!

If you haven't tried our OK-PATCH yet, hurry up and buy one and try it!

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