Finally, UNDERSTAND is available in English and Chinese!

Finally, UNDERSTAND is available in English and Chinese!

Since September of last year that UNDERSTAND have launched in Japan, many people living abroad asked that do we offer international shipping, how much is the shipping fee, is there English or Chinese website, etc. from our IG, FB, Twitter and Japanese website.

We are so happy by this unexpected popularity and that makes up our mind to quicken the pace of overseas service that selling our nice underwears to all of Asia and even all the world!


EasyMonkey is one of the biggest and oldest men's underwear shops of Rakuten opened in 2006 in Japan. We are the first store to open market purchases and sales of C-in2 and PUMP! in Japan.
And we also drove the trend of men's underwear from trunk back to brief. The effect of market is still visible in Japanese.

Precisely because of we are selling men's underwears for such a long time, we realized that men's body shape is really different between the Orientals and Westerners. Even though the design is beautiful and the fabric is so comfortable of a western brand, there is always something not enough of the cutting that can't fit Asians well.

That's why we decided to design our own brand-"UNDERSTAND" for Asian men.


We understand what kind of fabrics are comfortable and wearable.
We understand what kind of cuttings are well-fitting and make men look sexier.
We understand what men care and what men really want.


We emphasized that we do understand by named it UNDERSTAND.

But the most important thing is, we hope every men who wear our underwear can be confident and express the charm of their own in any time cos they understand themselves. 


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