The underwear brings happiness to us everyday.

The underwear brings happiness to us everyday.

Nowadays, men's dressing can’t just focus on the outward appearance. The choice of underwear is an important symbol of fashion taste and self-confidence.

But it's really hard to find a underwear that is suitable for every place and occasion.

Even the famous international brands, only a few items we could find with comfortable fabric, well washable, interesting design and fitting for Asian body shape. 

Generally the underwear design of western brands is too baggy for Asians.
It is always not beautiful enough cos the back crotch and front rise curves are too big to fit Asian body. Even we choose a smaller size to fit the back and front curves, there is another problem pop up that waistband and thigh width become too tight.


That's why UNDERSTAND was born.

After selling men's underwears over 10 years, we tried more than a hundred underwears on. EasyMonkey decided to design our own brand for Asian men. 

Our original intention is to make such a pair of underwear that makes us feel happy and confident while wearing it every day.

The first series of UNDERSTAND is everyday wearable Brief/Strider/Trunk in three basic colors.

The design focus on the most basic practicality of underwear, instead of the extra stitching and fancy design. Returns to nature and simplicity, emphasizing the protection and comfort. Perfectly expressing the natural body lines and charm of men.

We believe that after trying on, you will immediately say "Yes, we understand!"

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